Hi! I am Rayhaan and this is my personal website.

My research interests include distributed systems, computer networks, and security. To be specific, the following sub-areas are of particular interest to me:

  • The development and implementation of network security protocols for the purpose of user authentication and authorization (e.g. Diameter, EAP, TLS); high performance transparent encryption of communications across untrusted links (e.g. Wireguard); reliable routing mechanisms with deterministic latency and bandwidth.
  • Hardware / software codesign of custom modules for networking / systems purposes. This includes silicon selection, PCB prototyping, manufacturing, and software implementation.
  • Userspace access to networking hardware for kernel bypass, accelerated datapaths (e.g. Linux’s XDP, Intel’s DPDK, the Snabb virtual switch, etc).
  • Operating system kernel development, specifically with respect to filesystems, networking subsystems, and interprocess communication.

Aside from computers, I also have other interests which include but are certainly not limited to:

  • The preparation and consumption of food.
  • Road biking, running, and hiking.
  • Traveling and modes of transportation.